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 Paradox of The Calm Cloud

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PostSubject: Paradox of The Calm Cloud   Tue Jul 19, 2011 7:29 am

Personal Information:
Do you play other RPGs?: No
List down links: ----
Indicate how much time you will be available to play:
Which days in a week, if not every day: every day exept Friday , Saturday and Sunday
Time in a 24 hours, more or less: more than 8 hours

Character Information:

Name: Paradox
Family: Millifiore
Family Position : Head
Weapon: Bow


Attack: 20
Defense: 20
Speed: 40
Flame Purity: 20

Character History:

The Story will start when we find my family.Waiting.

NOTE: one day i will be a good boss (: Cyya

Dying Will Flame: Cloud
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Paradox of The Calm Cloud
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