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 [Hidden Sacrifice]Paradox

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PostSubject: [Hidden Sacrifice]Paradox   Tue Jul 19, 2011 7:59 am

The name of the ability tell everythink.
It's very dangerus becaus the user of the tecknick use alot of energy and some from his own blood exhausted .
That's why it's very dangerus but it's very effective too .
The user sent very very fat smoke all around the place and start with the ritual.
He concentrate and start put alot of energy in one single blow .
When he is ready he unlish the blow and then he fell down from his pain.
If the Blow hit the pain Calm's Down but if the blow miss the pain become even wors.
So please use it with very very very smart mind other els ?


It's one Skill like Final Move but not the best Smile

Thnx for read it.
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[Hidden Sacrifice]Paradox
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