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 John Williams

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PostSubject: John Williams   Tue Nov 06, 2012 9:02 am

Personal Information:
Do you play other RPGs?: no
List down links:none
Indicate how much time you will be available to play:
Which days in a week, if not every day: everyday
Time in a 24 hours, more or less: 3-4 hours

Character Information:
Name: John Williams
Family:Williams family
Weapon:a hidden blade and two pistols and sky box:howling wolf.

Stats(Allocation should be 100 All in All)
Attack: 30
Defense: 20
Speed: 20
Flame Purity: 30

Character History
John was born into the mafia,his father was the boss of the williams family. His father was assassinated when he was ten years old. After his father's death he upped his training and soon unlocked his dying will flame of sky it was as powerful as the flames of wrath but easier to control. He soon after became boss at the age of 13. His first order as boss was to form an alliance with the vongola family and kisuke family. When the millfiore attacked he and the bosses of the kisuke and vongola worked together to defeat them after the battle the three collaborated on a counter-attack that attack is still being planned today.
Dying Will Flame:sky

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John Williams
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