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 Alexus Neel's intro

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Alexus Neel

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PostSubject: Alexus Neel's intro   Wed Mar 05, 2014 5:06 am

M: Do you play other RPGs?

Neel: Nope. First time.

M: How much time are you available to play?

Neel:ABout 3 times a week.

Charecter Information

Name: Alexus Neel (Neelson)
Family: Alexus Famliy
Weapons: L Blaster (Duel Pistol)+dying will Bullet

Attack 30
Defense 10
Speed  40
Flame Purity 20

Charecter history: Neelson was known as the lightning fast pistol hero on Italy, choosen for extremly difficult missions. His flame goes well with the pistol he uses along with the dying will bullet. Special attacks are
1. Thunder sparks
   Showers thunder bolts from one pistol
2.Thunder waterfall
   Jumps in the Air and creates a huge wave of thunder on the victim, from one pistol
3.High Voltage Thunder waterfall
  An increased and more destructive 'Thunder waterfall'
4. Heaven's lightning
  Goes up and sends two High Voltage Thunder Waterfall with extremly destructive force.

Dying will Flame: Lightning
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Alexus Neel's intro
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