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 Tengoku Hantā

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PostSubject: Tengoku Hantā    Thu May 22, 2014 9:40 am

Personal Information:
Do you play other RPGs?: No
Indicate How much time you have available to play: 3 days a week
Time in a 24 hours, more or less: 2

Character Information:
Name: Hantā Tengoku
Family: Vongola
Weapon: Sword

Stats(Allocation should be 100 All in All)
Attack: 25
Defense: 25
Speed: 25
Flame Purity: 25

Character History:
Tengoku Hantā was born in Japan and was a very smart student. His hobby was kendo. His first experience with the Vongola was when he was 16. He was walking home from his school's kendo club when he saw gangsters mugging one of his classmates named Amano Asuka in a alley. She'd been crying and never wanted her to do that because he had a crush on her. He had taken out his other sword and rushed into help her, but the gangsters had been overpowering him. Then out of nowhere, his sword had lit up a bright light. The gangsters had run in fear because of the sword. The girl had thanked him, and a mysterious man had given him a letter with a mysterious flame. It was a invitation to the Vongola from his Grandpa in Italy. Tengoku is a charismatic person with lots of friends, but he is fearless in battle when he is fighting for his life or his friends. He is very good with swords, and so good for his parents to give him a black steel sword from his ancestors.

Dying Will Flame: Rain
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Tengoku Hantā
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